Introducing Great Lakes Bay Health Centers

Our region is a hub containing diverse opportunities of manufacturing, the automotive industry, education, farming, big and small business, and of course quality medical centers.

It’s where people, resources, and businesses meet to bring industries to life.

Our region is the Great Lakes Bay Region.

We are so proud to be the medical and dental home to many people throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region and beyond. We are the second largest of the 40 Michigan Health Center organizations offering access to quality, comprehensive, affordable health care, regardless of insurance status or income level. We have grown to over 26 locations and provide primary care, dental care, behavioral health care, pharmacy services, vision, and much more, as well as services that help overcome barriers such as insurance help, transportation, and translation. Our services meet or exceed national standards helping our patients achieve better health outcomes.

As our region and communities grow, we need to grow along with them. Within the last few years we have opened up many new health centers in many new communities. We are proud of this region known as the Great Lakes Bay Region, and will embrace and identify with it.

This is why Health Delivery, Inc. is changing our name to Great Lakes Bay Health Centers.

Nothing else changes. Patients will still get the same great care, and we will continue providing Quality Healthcare for Everyone.

We change lives because we care, and will continue doing so throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region – and yes beyond it as well!

Great Lakes Bay Health Centers physicians lab coat