Mom and Me—our Visit to the Dentist

My daughter Kyleigh started going to the dentist at Great Lakes Bay Health Center Bayside before she was 2. She sat on my lap and watched me have my teeth cleaned and then had hers done. We did this for the first few times.

I really liked how they did that, and then they did it every time we came.

When she turned 4, she sat on her own in the chair and did pretty good. We have Medicaid. I didn’t have a dentist after I got out of school. I wasn’t sure how I would get in to a provider, but it was really simple here. My mom loves her doctor at Bayside and she told me about this dentist. I really like them.

Kyleigh loves brushing her teeth and does it on her own. It has been really good for her to come to the dentist with me. I love the way my teeth feel after they’ve been cleaned and are so squeaky clean. I would go more than every six months.

-Kaylee, dental patient at GLBHC Bayside in Bay City


Kyleigh Perez posing with her mom, Kaylee Perez